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SIGNATURE MASSAGE 45/60/75/90 MINUTES, $60/$75/$90/$105

Whether your goal is to relax or alleviate muscle tension, we've got you covered :)

~You can choose your own pressure and the products used, or you can let the therapist use her own discretion for a treatment that is fully customized and unique to you.

~Includes optional table warmer and hot towel compresses for the back, neck, and feet.



~Full body exfoliation with a sugar scrub, removed with hot towels, followed by a rich moisturizing cream.

~Includes optional table warmer and hot neck compress.



~Hot basalt stones, $5 - massaged onto the back, arms, legs, and feet to loosen up tight, sore muscles.

~Salt stones, $5 - warm Himalayan salt stones placed on the back during massage help with detoxification.

~Cold marbles, $5 - can be placed over eyes to reduce puffiness, or massaged around an injury to reduce swelling and inflammation.

~Foot exfoliation, $10  - added to your massage.

~Back exfoliation, $10  - added to your massage.

~Face massage. $10 - a light non-comedogenic lotion is lightly massaged onto the face.

~Scalp massage and hair treatment, $10 - a specially blended oil sooths the scalp and moisturized the hair.

~Trigger point therapy, $10 - trigger points are small areas of muscle tightness caused by an injury or repetitive strain.  They often are the cause of pain in other parts of the body, known as referred pain.  This treatment aims at targeting and releasing trigger points that are causing pain or discomfort.

~Reflexology, $10 - relax and eliminate stress by targeting pressure points in the ears, hands, and/or feet.




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